NLS Settlement Corp. has arranged for the provision of all Loan Closing Cooperative Services to be provided by NLS Research LLC.

We know how expediency and accuracy matter to your transactions and NLS Research LLC is here to deliver!

NLS Research LLC is a full service lien search company providing the very best and most accurate lien search reports in the New York Tri-State area.


Our highly experienced professional team of examiners and reporters are driven to handle all inquiries and orders in a timely manner based on the needs and desires of the client.


NLS Research LLC services include:



Cooperative Corporation Search

Cooperative Sponsor & Existing Owner Search
UCC Lien Search

Last Deed of Record Search

Bankruptcy & Judgment Search

Patriot Search



State & Local UCC Filings

Amendment & Termination Filings
Financing Statement Preparation

Tracking & Reporting Services


To learn more about NLS Research LLC please follow the below link: